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The Home Trends for 2021 Are Changing Due to the Hybrid Work Week

When a real estate agent takes clients to look at homes, there’s a common trend among buyers in regard to what they want. Homeowners would go to great lengths to make their home more appealing to buyers and they’d take on renovations that buyers want. In the past, people went ga-ga for shiplap, grey kitchens, and barn doors. However, in light of the pandemic and businesses offering some form of a hybrid work week, buyers priorities have shifted. 

We can get a sense of what buyers are really looking for in HomeLight’s 2021 survey for summer and fall. If your home has some of these features and you’re hoping to sell, you may get a flurry of interested buyers!

1. Office spaces

According to 59.6% of surveyed realtors, most of their clients want a space that can be turned into a home office. A private office is a key feature among buyers who are working from home, but it can be useful for parents who are keeping their children home for homeschooling. With a home office, they can get their work done without distractions and keep their work life somewhat separated from their home life by closing the door. 

2. School system

Millennial clients with children are looking for homes with office spaces, but 64.7% of agents say parents are more interested in properties located in a good school district. They want their children to go to a district that has the resources to provide them with a good education that’ll put them on the path to success in adulthood.

3. Outdoor entertaining space

An outdoor living space isn’t just a yard for the kids to run around in. It’s an extension of the home and 47.1% of realtors say older clients (Gen X buyers) strongly favor a home with a backyard oasis – or at least the makings of an oasis. These buyers are drawn to homes with a dedicated outdoor entertaining space (it could be a deck or a patio), a swimming pool, a built-in grill, and top-notch landscaping.

4. Home Gym

A home gym isn’t everyone’s priority when looking for a house, but 26% of realtors say this feature is at the top of their client’s wishlist. A home gym doesn’t have to be a dedicated room that’s large enough to set up big pieces of workout equipment. It can be a room to do yoga, set up a Peloton, or have a small weight set. If a home doesn’t have a room for a gym, buyers may consider setting up their equipment in a basement or a garage too.

5. Move-in ready homes

There are buyers out there that are eager to take on large renovation projects when buying a home because they want to make it truly theirs. However, that’s not the case for many buyers. 56.1% of surveyed agents say clients (particularly Gen Z) want a home that’s move-in ready and doesn’t require any work. 

It’s worth noting that finding a move-in ready home could be a challenge, especially if you’re on a budget.

Current events are shaping 2021 home trends

It’s a crazy world out there and current events are changing our lives in some interesting ways. As businesses begin to embrace a hybrid work week, the housing market is on fire and mortgage rates are still low. People are keeping a close eye on these contributing factors and they’re drawing up a list of features they want in their new home.

While there may be countless ways to shop for a home, a realtor is a key player when you’re trying to find the right house for the right price that your family will love.

Written by Kelsey Luvisa, Homelight

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